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Our Mission

To help others take their 'Next Steps' towards Jesus. 

The Word of God. What we believe.

How it all started


The founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, A. B. Simpson

In the year 1887, in New York City, Dr. A. B. Simpson, a dignified Presbyterian minister, together with men and women affiliated with several denominations, yet with a single spiritual aim, had organized the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Locally, the first known association with the movement was made through Mrs. Edward Sturtevant, a Corning-ite who underwent surgery in New York City.

While there, she made the acquaintance of Dr. Simpson through whom she learned of the healing powers of the Lord.  That facet of the Gospel—Christ for the body—had been so real to Mrs. Sturtevant that she returned home spreading the message among her friends and neighbors.  


Our building in 1967 after moving from downtown Corning, NY.

On December 3, 1907, a decision was made to incorporate and fifty people became charter members of the People’s Gospel Tabernacle of the Christian Missionary Alliance. The site of this historical meeting for the Corning congregation was the home of Elias D. Bostwick.  
In 1967, having outgrown the first church, the Erwin Valley C&MA was constructed on Beartown Road.  At dawn, on June 23, 1972, Hurricane Agnes spewed an unprecedented deluge of water on the Corning area, damaging the church and parsonage plus furnishings, etc. With the help of Government agencies and many Alliance volunteers, both the church and parsonage were restored.

Where We're Headed

Beartown Road Alliance Church main entrance. Our worship center is to the left, and our gymnasium is to the right.

In 1983, the name of the church was changed to the Beartown Road Alliance Church (BRAC) to help people locate the church on a map.  

In the year 1998 the gym was constructed.

In 2018 the connection of our church to the gym and the addition of Children’s Church classrooms the project REACH was completed.

In 2020 we celebrated the burning of our mortgage!

Now we are praying for the Lord to show us how we can best Help others take their "Next Steps" towards Jesus.

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